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Pixie Day
Every year on the nearest Saturday to the longest day, Pixie day occurs in Ottery. It is a unique tradition to the town and celebrates a magic location known as Pixie's Parlour. It is situated on the east bank of the peaceful River Otter, and provides as many hours of fun to the young people today as it used to when Samuel Taylor Coleridge used to play here in 1780's. Local folklore says that before the church was erected, pixies used to rule over the town. They were supposed to have cast spells on the town's monks, in order to prevent them from carrying back from Exeter new church bells. The spell was so powerful that it lead them towards the coast and the nearby steep cliffs. The monks were only saved from certain death by one thistle, which tore into one monk's foot causing him to cry out "God bless my soul and Saint Mary". Each year, the residents of the town celebrate their folklore, by re-enacting the capturing of the bellringer monks and the final banishment of the pixie's to the outskirts of the town, to Pixie's Parlour.

Pixie Day - Ottery St Mary

Ottery St Mary's Carnival is one of the most traditional in the region.
It has a genuine local flavour and is supported well by people from throughout the region.

Ottery St Mary Carnival Bonfire night

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